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If you are are suffering with pain or looking for natural solutions to improve your overall health and wellbeing for yourself or your family, our clinic has the solutions you are looking for. We have a team of wellness professionals including Chiropractors and a Naturopathic Doctor.  Additional services include Acupuncture, Cupping, Cold laser Therapy and Custom Orthotics and footwear.  We look forward to helping you in our Richmond Hill clinic. It’s easy to get started.


Your First Appointment

At your first visit, our goal is to gather information to find out what has brought you to our clinic and how Chiropractic care can help you. We’ll take a detailed history of your health and perform a thorough physical examination including a postural assessment, checking your mobility, performing orthopaedic tests and palpating your spine. Following the examination, your chiropractor will go through all the findings and create a written report for you to keep. You’ll learn what the cause of your problem is and our recommendations for your care. You will also receive your first treatment.

Ongoing Appointments


Most people need to be adjusted at least twice a week when they begin chiropractic care to give the body time to respond and heal. These visits take just 10-15 minutes.  As your body heals, the frequency of treatments are reduced and home exercises and stretches are added to your care. Many people find that they benefit from ongoing maintenance treatments once their symptoms have resolved. 


"Very much recommended! Dr Haydene Lee's chiropractic care is very helpful. She took time to explain what the problem areas are and the plans to fix those areas. The personalized diagrams are very informative. My daughter and I had posture problems, headaches, cold feet etc. After 3 adjustments I can already feel the results and will definitely continue with her. Very friendly and professional."


"First time going, I've been to only one chiropractor before and Bayview north felt 100% more experienced and professional. The chiropractor was knowledgeable, peformed many tests to ensure that everything was done for a reason and perfect. She was super nice and sweet! 10/10 going again! Highly recommend."


“Honestly wasn't expecting much having never been to a chiropractor. The first assessment really exceeded my expectations. Thorough explanations, efficient assessment, and extremely personable - thanks Dr. Lee and looking forward to my next time there.”


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