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Back therapy


Each Chiropractor at our clinic practices various techniques to customize your care and ensure treatments are safe and appropriate for you.

The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is to correct Subluxations and improve spinal mobility. Subluxations are areas in the spine where vertebrae are causing pressure or imbalances to the nervous system due to improper alignment. Subluxations are caused by stress and strain on the body.

Traditional chiropractic adjustments involve the chiropractor putting manual pressure on the misaligned vertebrae and with a quick controlled “thrust” the vertebrae is adjusted back into position. This relieves nerves pressure and allows the body to heal. There are many other ways to adjust the spine and restore balance. At Bayview North Family Chiropractic our chiropractors incorporate different techniques based on our patient’s needs. Some patients are adjusted in the more traditional manner, some are adjusted using drop pieces, using the Arthrostim* and/or using the integrator*.  Once you have received a comprehensive chiropractic examination the doctor will discuss your findings and which type of techniques are most suitable for your case.

All techniques used are safe, comfortable and effective.

Techniques that we may use to adjust your spine:

  • Manual adjusting

  • The Arthrostim (an electrical adjusting instrument)

  • Torque Release Technique using the Integrator adjusting instrument

  • Posture correction,

  • Soft tissue techniques

  • Cranial adjusting

Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Patients of all ages and all walks of life can benefit from chiropractic care including babies, kids, teens, athletes, expectant mothers and seniors, if you've been in an accident or you've had a workplace injury. Many people are not aware that they have spinal issues until they are in pain. Stress, many hours sitting in front of a screen, accidents and falls and other types of strain affect the spine and your nervous system, ultimately affecting your overall health and wellbeing. We recommend spinal checkups for your whole family to catch problems early, ensure the spine and nervous system are functioning optimally and avoid potential issues in the future.

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