The Text Neck Epidemic

September is student month at Bayview North Family Chiropractic. That means that we offer all kids and students a complimentary spinal check-up. Many people wonder why kids would need to see a chiropractor. To me, this means that they don’t truly understand how chiropractic helps peop

Get Moving or Die!

Last month we posted an article on the dangers of sitting and next week I am presenting a lunch and learn on the same topic. I am a bit obsessed with this subject because the more I research it, the more apparent it becomes to me how dangerous sitting is for our health. Sitting for a

Sitting is the New Smoking

Forward by Dr. Haydene Lee: My son Benji Lee recently was given the option of writing an essay on a topic of his choice for an English assignment. I suggested he write about the dangers of sitting. I wanted to share it because I think people are not aware of the dangers of prolonged s