Bayview North Family Chiropractic Wins 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards

Congratulations to Bayview North Family Chiropractic on winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards for Chiropractic in Richmond Hill, ON Verified by Opencare.com Bayview North Family Chiropractic has recently been awarded with the Opencare 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards for Ch

Are you sleeping on the right pillow?

If you are waking up with neck pain, headaches or numbness it might be the pillow you are using or the position you are sleeping in. It is really important that your head and neck are properly supported while you sleep in order to minimize or reduce strain on your neck. The worst posi

Squash Out Subluxations and Stress

STRESS!!!!!!!! We all feel it at some time. Most of us are exposed to it on a daily basis, but where does it come from and how does it impact our health? There are actually four types of stress that we are exposed to on a daily basis – emotional, physical, chemical and electroma

The Text Neck Epidemic

September is student month at Bayview North Family Chiropractic. That means that we offer all kids and students a complimentary spinal check-up. Many people wonder why kids would need to see a chiropractor. To me, this means that they don’t truly understand how chiropractic helps peop

Why I Became a Chiropractor

It’s hard for me to believe, but I just celebrated my 23rd year in practice. That means that I have been getting adjusted for more than a quarter of a century. Many people ask me why I became a Chiropractor. I guess my story starts when I was a toddler and I suffered from chronic, rec

Get Moving or Die!

Last month we posted an article on the dangers of sitting and next week I am presenting a lunch and learn on the same topic. I am a bit obsessed with this subject because the more I research it, the more apparent it becomes to me how dangerous sitting is for our health. Sitting for a

Sitting is the New Smoking

Forward by Dr. Haydene Lee: My son Benji Lee recently was given the option of writing an essay on a topic of his choice for an English assignment. I suggested he write about the dangers of sitting. I wanted to share it because I think people are not aware of the dangers of prolonged s

Success over Stress

For those of you who were unable to attend my presentation on succeeding over stress this past weekend, I am sharing with you the following three secrets for less stress: Secret #1: Identify and reduce incoming stress The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. 

Stress: Is it killing you?!

April is stress awareness month and this is a good time for us to reflect on how stress affects our overall health. Don’t get me wrong, a small amount of stress is necessary for keeping us motivated and productive; but when we are in a chronic state of stress, this takes a toll

4 Myths About Custom Foot Orthotics

Myth #1: Custom foot orthotics can benefit people with foot pain only. Foot pain sufferers are not the only ones who can benefit from custom orthotics. Even if your feet don’t hurt, they may not be optimally aligned and may be contributing to overall postural imbalance since your feet