We are Excited to Introduce SOLS ORTHOTICS to Bayview North Family Chiropractic

sols thumbnailJust in time this year to help your feet, ankles, knees and back….THE FUTURE OF ORTHOTICS

Bayview North Family Chiropractic is excited to introduce SOLS. SOLS are 3D printed orthotics created using advanced data capture and modeling technology. SOLS are custom-engineered for your foot morphology, body, and lifestyle. SOLS are poised to revolutionize the orthotics industry: instead of a physical casting process or inaccurate scans, the SOLS process is entirely digital, offering full control over prescription and material properties.


We start by capturing the foot from three perspectives in semi weight-bearing and non weight-bearing stances. The images are measured with deep learning algorithms and computer vision techniques, enabling SOLS to generate unique 3D impressions of your feet. Then key data points are selected, taking into consideration soft tissue contours and bony prominences to generate the 3D contours of the SOLS. The 3D Models are further customized based on the features your chiropractor selects to account for biomechanical misalignments.


MATERIALS:SOLS February Promotion

SOLS are made of ADVANCED POLYMER NYLON-11, an aerospace and medical grade plastic with unique properties. SOLS material density changes throughout the foot-bed, delivering a dynamic adjustment. This customizes to your needs for both flexibility and support, improving performance and comfort. SOLS have 33% higher tensile strength than traditional orthotic materials, which makes them more durable and allows for a 0.3mm thin profile at the toe improving comfort and fit.


SOLS are printed layer by layer at 0.01mm, unprecedented accuracy using state of the art, SLS 3D printing technology, making the manufacturing process 100% digital from data capture to fabrication. Because the process is completely digital, the orthotic can be produced very quickly and cleanly with product delivery in less than a week’s time. Repeatable accuracy is also guaranteed with one simple click if additional pairs are requested for different types of shoes.

For more information on SOLS click this link: https://vimeo.com/122751337


Schedule a FREE foot and gait analysis and save $100 on custom fit orthotics by SOLS.

SOLS custom orthotics are covered by most extended health care plans.

Dr. Haydene Lee graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1992. Prior to chiropractic, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Toronto. In 1997, she established Bayview North Family Chiropractic. The primary focus of her practice is preventative care, wellness and families. Dr. Lee stays on the leading edge, bringing her patients the most current and best possible care available. She incorporates a number of approaches in her care including: instrument adjusting (Torque Release Technique), manual adjusting, cranial adjusting, postural correction and also has advanced certification in nutrition. Dr. Lee reaches out to the community by giving free health workshops to local community groups and workplaces. Dr. Haydene Lee is dedicated to helping people lead healthier and better lives – naturally.

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