What is Healthy Food?

Most people think they eat healthy. But the fact is if you don’t look at the ingredients you have no idea what you’re eating. Much of today’s food looks great and tastes even better and there’s a good reason for this. Food Manufacturers engineer food to look and taste delicious, and l

Breaking Bad Habits

Right now we are experiencing a health care crisis in North America. More and more people are suffering and dying from chronic disease. The majority of these diseases, cancer, heart disease and diabetes, are related to lifestyle. Most people eat poorly, don’t exercise, and have too mu

Avoid Colds and Flu

It is that time of year when the temperature drops and colds and flu become a concern.   Making sure you have a strong immune system is the best way to stay healthy. While diet, exercise, rest and other life-style choices are important, did you know that getting regular Chiropractic A

How to Recognize and Reduce Stress

by Dr. Haydene Lee Welcome to our new Blog.  Each week I will be posting an article to help you reach your optimal health goal.  Feel free to make comments, ask questions or forward to friends.  The topic for this week is one of my most popular workshop topics: STRESS!!!  We all exper

How to Incorporate Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

It has been said that if exercise were a drug it would be a miracle pill. There are so many health benefits to exercise that ensuring you include regular exercise in your life is a real must! In reality, in my practice I see far too many sedentary individuals. I hear all the reasons: